Grass-fed Beef

Just what it sounds like, our grass-fed beef is raised exclusively on grass, hay, and forage. No grains, no feedlots. We never use hormones or growth stimulants. We only process cows that are ready to ensure the high quality eating experience that comes from waiting until an animal is in good condition and has well-marbled, tender meat. 

Beef Brisket - Small (3 lb)

$10.00/lb, Small size (about 3 lb). Beef Brisket is a coarse-textured, boneless cut that lends itself to slow-cooking or smoking. The fat content helps keep the meat moist during cooking.

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Beef Cheek, 5-6 lb

New! Beef Cheek Meat is $8.75 and comes in 4-6 lb packages. It is the traditional cut for barbacoa, and cooks up delicious and tender with slow, moist cooking. Very limited quantity!

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Beef Loin Strip Roast

New! Get them while they last! $12.00/lb, Beef Loin Strip Roast is the same cut as New York Strip Steak, but in roast form. Roast it like a prime rib and keep it nice and rare. It is delightful, but don't overcook it! Click for more info.

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Bones, Beef Soup Bones (3 lb)

$6.00/lb. Beef Soup Bones are well-trimmed and ready for making stock. We encourage our customers to use the bones to make multiple batches of stock. We've successfully reused them up to 3 times. Bones are not sorted and may include marrow bones, rib bones, and shoulder bones.

Sale Extended! Save 20% on Beef Soup Bones. $4.80/lb.

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Bulk Beef Mixer

A custom Beef Sampler that allows you to mix and match 4 different beef items to get great savings on grass-fed beef. 

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Fat, Beef (Ground, 5 lb)

$4/lb and packed in approximately 5 lb bags and pre-ground for your convenience, we now have beef fat available for a limited time! Render it like lard to make the best quality frying fat (called "tallow") you have ever used. Also wonderful for use in homemade soaps. Very limited availability.

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Ground Beef (1 lb)

$8.75/lb, packed in 1 lb packs. Grass-fed Ground Beef is one of our top-sellers because it is so versatile and makes for a quick meal. Our ground beef is not graded for fat content or specific to type of cut (i.e. chuck, round, etc.), but you can be sure that it is the highest quality ground beef available. 

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Half Beef

Purchasing a "Half" Beef is a great way to save money and stock your freezer. No more last-minute grocery trips! Click to check out what comes in a Half of Grass-fed Beef.


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Hamburger Patties (4 per lb)

New! Pre-formed burger patties made from our delicious, 100% grass-fed beef. No seasonings or additives. 4 patties per 1 lb package. 

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Heart, Beef Heart

$6.00/lb, packed whole, sizes range from 2.5-5lb. Beef Heart is not actually an organ, but a muscle meat, and should be slow-cooked. Many recipes call for stuffing it with various items like apples and sausage.

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Kidney, Beef Kidney

$6.00/lb, packed individually, untrimmed. Sizes range from 0.8-1.2 lb. Beef Kidney is traditionally used in Steak and Kidney pie, and requires long-cooking.

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Liver, Beef (Sliced)

$6.00/lb, packed sliced in 1 lb packs. Beef Liver is rich in heme iron, vitamin A, and lots of minerals. We include it on our menu at least twice per month and serve it cooked like a steak (hot and fast) with lots of onions and gravy. Marinating in milk prior to cooking makes the texture and flavor more mild.

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Oxtail, Beef

$10.00/lb. Beef Oxtail makes a rich, buttery broth that contains lots of gelatin. Oxtail soup is truly a delight and a Cadman household favorite!

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Quarter Beef

Purchasing a "Quarter" Beef is a great way to save money and stock your freezer. No more last-minute grocery trips! Click to check out what comes in a Quarter of Grass-fed Beef.


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Ribs, Beef Short Ribs (2-3 lb)

$6.00/lb. Beef Short Ribs come in 2-4 lb packages and should be slow-cooked for tenderness. They have a beefy flavor and go well with strong seasonings like BBQ or smoked.

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Roast, Beef Arm Roast - Small (3 lb)

$8.00/lb. Beef Arm Roast should be slow-cooked like chuck roast, but it has finer texture and more delicate flavor than chuck. It often contains a section of marrow-bone and looks a bit like a slice of bone-in ham, with fat around the outside and a round bone in the middle. It is one of our favorites.

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Roast, Beef Chuck Roast - Medium (4 lb)

$8.00/lb, medium (4 lb) serves up to 7. Beef chuck roast should be slow-cooked and will produce lots of delicious drippings that should be used for pan gravy. We typically go easy on the seasoning because this roast can stand on its own flavor.

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Roast, Beef Heel of Round (3-4 lb)

$8.75/lb, Heel of Round Roast (also known as Pike's Peak) is finer in texture and contains more fat (aka flavor!) than the rest of the round. Perfect for the slow-cooker!

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Roast, Beef Loin Tip Roast (3 lb)

$8.75/lb, Beef Loin Tip Roast is a delicious roast from the Round section and takes very well to slow, moist cooking.

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Roast, Beef Round Roast (2-3 lb)

$8.75/lb, Boneless Round Roast needs to be slow-cooked with some added moisture. It is a very versatile roast, being on the leaner side, and has a nice mild flavor. This is a great choice for homemade beef jerky or lunchmeat.

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