Chops, Pork Rib ''Center Cut'' Chops (~1.2 lb)

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$8.50/lb, 2 chops per pack, approximately 1-1.5 lb per pack. Pork Rib Chops are one of our top sellers. These are the traditional bone-in pork chop, but are nothing at all like commercially-raised pork chops. They are juicy and tender and excellent grilled or baked. We have had many comments from customers about how our pork chops taste like what they ate on their grandparents' farm as a child, and that they hadn't had anything like them in many years. We are proud to raise our pigs the "old fashioned" way, on a clean diet with continual access to forage, sunshine, exercise, and fresh air. We raise an old-fashioned breed that puts plenty of delicious, buttery fat on. No more lean, dry chops!