Our Practices

We encourage folks to know where their food comes from so they can decide for themselves if it's a quality food source. Every ranch is different, so it is good to ask questions. Here are our practices in summary. Feel free to ask for more details or to attend one of our free farm tours to see where your food comes from!


Grass-fed Beef

"Grass-fed" means forage, grass, hay, forbes, herbs, weeds, legumes, etc. It means the cows harvest live plants from the ground except when the season causes the plants to go dormant, in which case we feed hay made from the same kinds of plants that were cut during the growing season. We don't feed harvested grains to the cows in buckets, troughs, feeders, etc. We may supplement molasses if a cow experiences stress and needs some extra minerals and energy, but that is rare (maybe one incident every 2-3 years). We desire for our cows to eat the whole plant, not just the stem or seed, in order for them to be as healthy as God gave them the potential to be. 

The only supplements our cows receive regularly is free-choice organic minerals, provided in a bar with a number of different chelates so the cows can self-regulate their intake individual mineral compounds. In addition, they have free-choice access to a high quality sea salt. 


Pastured Pork

Our pigs are never permanently confined in any one location. Permanent confinement leads to filth and disease. We rotate the pigs regularly according to their needs. In summer, they generally live in the woods with wallow pits and might be in a given area for about 2 weeks. In winter, they follow the chickens on pasture and move every 2-3 days. Either way, they have continual access to fresh forage, roots, bugs, small animals (yes, they eat things like snakes, frogs, and birds!), fresh air, and sunshine. They eat a soy-free, non-GMO feed ration and free-choice sea salt. 

We raise our pigs in such a way that they are well-fed and produce tender, juicy, not-too-lean meat. You've never tasted pork like this before!


Pastured Poultry

Our chickens and turkeys are raised on pasture, being moved frequently according to the season and their ages. Hens get moved every 2-3 days and are in totally mobile paddocks ranging from 1/4-1/2 acre in size (yes, their coop goes with them!). Turkeys are raised in larger paddocks and moved somewhat less often, about once per week. Broilers are raised in bottomless hoop houses and moved every day, sometimes twice per day. This protects them from predation and weather but allows lots of access to fresh grass and bugs. Our birds are never medicated nor fed arsenic growth stimulants. They eat a soy-free, non-GMO feed ration and free-choice sea salt. Eggs are totally unprocessed except for light washing when absolutely necessary. Meat chickens are hand-processed without bleach or irradiation at a family-run USDA facility near our farm.