Pastured Turkey

We raise turkey exclusively for Thanksgiving and use methods similar to those used for our laying chickens. The turkeys live in large mobile paddocks and/or bottomless hoop tractors that are moved to fresh pasture daily to ensure access to lots of fresh forage. They are supplemented by a soy-free, non-genetically-modified feed that contains no arsenic, antibiotics, or growth stimulants. A Shady Grove Ranch pasture-raised turkey is unlike anything you've ever eaten from the supermarket! There are no hormones, no flavor enhancers, no broth injections, no arsenic feed additives. Just pure, healthy, delicious turkey!

Late-Season Turkey Deposit

Now taking turkey reservations! Reserve your Thanksgiving bird with a paid $30 deposit. Late season sign-up final pricing is $5.50/lb. CLICK the picture to select the size you'd like to reserve.

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