Quarter Beef

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Buying beef in bulk saves money and adds the convenience of having a freezer full of beef at home so meal-planning is easier. We try to make it easy by pulling these packages from our frozen inventory. Our packages can be ready with a few days' notice (most of the time). All meat comes frozen in meal-size packages. Beef will store well in the freezer for about 10 months. Check your freezer regularly for proper function!

Save approximately 4% over retail prices. 100 pounds total. Will require approximately 4 cubic feet of freezer space. Here is what is included: 

Item Lbs
Filet Steak 1.5
Flank Steak 1
Skirt Steak 1.5
Sirloin Steak 4
NY Strip 4
Ribeye Steak 3
Arm Roast 3
Chuck Roast 12
Shank Roast 1
Brisket 3
Short Ribs 6
Ground & Round 52
(Choose Burger, Stew, Round Roast, and/or Round Steak.)
Liver 1
Soup Bones 5
Organ 2
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