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Late-Season Turkey Deposit

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Choosing a pasture-raised turkey this year helps support chemical-free, sustainable, small-scale farming. Tell your guests the story of where your turkey came from this year! Our Whole Turkeys are available for Thanksgiving and come dressed and ready to cook with giblets. Our turkeys are truly pasture-raised without genetically-modified grains, growth stimulants, medications, or confinement. They are NOT injected with any "broth," preservatives, MSG, or anything else!


Reserve your bird by August 1 with a paid $30 deposit to secure "Mid-Season" pricing of $5.00/lb. Deposits paid after Aug. 1 secure a turkey at $5.50/lb, while spots last. Reserve yours early!

2017 Turkey Pricing

  • -----Early Bird: $4.50/lb. Pay deposit by May 1. Expired!
  • -----Mid-Season: $5.00/lb. Pay deposit by August 1. Expired!
  • Fall Reservation: $5.50/lb. Deposit paid after August 1, while spots last. We had zero spots after August last year, so sign up early!

Pricing will depend on when your $30 deposit is paid. Complete the checkout process with your preferred size, and we will contact you to pay your deposit by credit card or check in the mail. Deposit will be subtracted from final total at pickup. 

Expected Sizes

Sizes are not guaranteed, but we will do our very best to match your request. Early birds get first dibs on desired sizes! 

  • Small (10-14 pounds)
  • Average (15-18 pounds)
  • Large (19-23 pounds)

Please note, we do our best to get the size you request, but since we raise these birds naturally on pasture, we can’t dictate exactly how many we’ll have of each size range. There are many factors that influence the final size of the birds. We’ve had years where the average bird was OVER 18 lb, and years where the biggest bird was only 13 lb! Placing a deposit early gives you first choice on available sizing and helps us bear the burden of raising the turkeys for 4+ months. When the birds are harvested, we will assign sizes to our depositors on a first-come, first-served basis. 

What size should you choose?

We suggest at least 1 pound per person to be served plus extras for leftovers. Bigger birds are generally meatier, and thus a better deal! We use the requested sizes to plan the slaughter date, so please stick with the size you choose!

Fresh or Frozen?

Due to the seasonal nature of pasture-based farming, the turkeys are processed sometime after mid-October and stored frozen until pickup. The exact processing date depends on their estimated live weight so we can meet customer requests. We do not offer fresh turkeys the week of Thanksgiving. It's too hard and too risky to aim that small!

Pickup Policy

All turkeys must be picked up and/or paid for by November 21, 2017. We will contact you by email to make arrangements for pickup. If you want us to hold your turkey until Christmas, we will do so, but it must be paid in full by Nov. 21. We will not hold turkeys past December 23, 2017. All turkeys still unpaid after Nov. 21 will be sold without a deposit refund, and all turkeys still held after December will be donated or eaten with no refund on the deposit or balance. Thank you for picking up your turkey on time. We don't want to have to sell any turkeys twice!

Deposit Refund Policy

We work super hard to raise this kind of food. Pretty please do your darndest to buy your turkey if you place a deposit. If things look like they're not going to work out after you've placed a deposit, try to find a friend that will buy your turkey from you. We will refund your deposit if absolutely necessary, but it's a lot of work to keep track of depositors and we humbly request that you help us keep our prices low by honoring your commitment to buy.