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Ham Steak, Smoked (3/4" Thick)

New and improved! $9.50/lb, approximately 1 lb per pack. Our Ham Steak is naturally smoked and cured using basic ingredients including salt, brown sugar, and celery powder--no MSG or Sodium Nitrates!

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Late-Season Turkey Deposit

Now taking turkey reservations! Reserve your Thanksgiving bird with a paid $30 deposit. Late season sign-up final pricing is $5.50/lb. CLICK the picture to select the size you'd like to reserve.

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Smoked Bacon Ends (~1 lb)

Brand new!! $6.50/lb. Smoked, salted bacon ENDS with no artificial Nitrates/Nitrites or preservatives! Cut as shown, in small chunks, ideal for seasoning beans, greens, and soups.

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Tenderloin, Pork Whole (~2 lb)

$8.50/lb. Pork Tenderloin is a very delicate, tender cut that can be roasted or grilled whole or cut into medallions. It's a delightful solution to a quick meal. One of the easiest things to cook!

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